The Chatwin heirloom chef knife collection

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No design aspect of these knives is superfluous. Every detail you can see and feel was intentionally designed for a purpose. 


Natural materials, like the finest steels and hardwoods used in these knives, age gracefully and will last for generations.


The innovative wooden knife case transforms into a knife block, a magnetic wall knife rack or a safe travel case. It doesn't take up precious counter space, unlike bulky knife blocks.


Crucial knives are designed to intuitively adapt to your left or right hand movements in various task positions and become a natural extension of your hand for easy and effortless workflow.



This minimalist set comprises the most functional knives you'll ever own. It's all you'll need for both daily kitchen tasks and the most elaborate cuisine.

Three knives

The CRUCIAL knife collection consists of three knives: 

One 21cm/ 8inch chef knife

One 13 cm / 5inch boning / petty knife

One 10cm / 4inch paring knife


Unlike other knives that focus solely on the handle, we've taken it a step further and designed fully ergonomic knives which extend the user’s comfort into the blade geometry, making them feel like an extension of your hand.

Each section of a blade and handle are designed for instinctive ease of use. Lightweight full tang blades and comfortable rosewood handles create a whole new cooking experience.



These knives are designed to comfortably fit any hand and deliver an effortless performance in the most complex knife tasks. 

Finest materials

Crafted of the finest razor sharp Swedish Sandvik 13C26 stainless steel blades and CNC carved rosewood handles, the CRUCIAL knife collection is safely stored in a portable Sapele wood sleeve that serves as a knife rack.


Sharp knives need good protection to keep the edge from dulling and prevent accidents from happening when not in use. 

Our specially designed Sapele knife holder transforms to a wall rack, free standing counter knife block and a safe, flat packed knife case to carry around.


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